Sunday, October 25, 2009

and the winners are....

Hey boils and ghouls...

(wait...for groan....2...3...4)

Sorry It has taken so long for me to get this posted, but I've been doin the single parent thing for the past two weeks while my wife was in quarantine for her post I-131 treatment.

But for you people who did enter the Halloween Art Giveaway we have winners!

And they are:

Elsicomoro- Won the piece "Science Awry"

Jodi Danziger-Won the piece "Dr F's Monster"

Jack Ward-Won the piece "Party Girl"

and Scott Humes-Won the piece

"Creepy Diver"

Thanks again for following the Drawsumthincool Blog, and keep checkin back because there is going to be another drawing in December!

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