Wednesday, October 14, 2009

4 of 4 Halloween art giveaway!

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One day left to get in on the Halloween Art Giveaway! This right here is two of the four drawings. If you would like to win it, you can: 1. Post a comment on my Blog at The comment must mention the word "Halloween." Be sure to leave your email address or twitter name so I can find you (if you are not a registered Blogger user)! 2. Follow me on Twitter! Tweet about the contest. Link back to this post, if you like. The more you tweet, the greater your chances of winning...

Who knows what's deep underneath the water? Diver Jacob Landshire has been wandering the ocean floor since World War II. Looking for the boat that left him behind.

This image would make a great gift for that cubical or next to the flashlight that you will keep on your bed stand.


D4RKJ3DI said...

Your Halloween art is cool, but I am still partial to the star wars ones :)

Harold said...

I remember these drawings, great work. I need to have you "Draw something cool" for Keegan. He is going out as Wolverine for Halloween.

Keep up the hard work,