Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1 of 4 for the Halloween Art Giveaway!

Hey Kids! Remember you only have 9 days left to get in on the Halloween Art Giveaway!
This right here is one of the four drawings.

If you would like to win it, you can:

1. Post a comment on my Blog at www.drawsumthincool.com. The comment must mention the word "Halloween." Be sure to leave your email address or twitter name so I can find you (if you are not a registered Blogger user)!

2. Follow me on Twitter! Tweet about the contest. Link back to this post, if you like. The more you tweet, the greater your chances of winning. ... Read More

Now about this drawing:
Former child star Allison Arches (of the Sitcom: And four to go!), now turned paparazzi party princess was out clubbing in LA where she met a strange pale man with hypnotic black eyes who claimed to be descended from Eastern European royalty. Under the influence of X and several mint Mojitos she woke up the next day changed. With a sensitivity to sunlight, and a thirst for human blood she thought she had caught syphilis. Turns out she's just a vampire now. Now she has just signed a deal with MTV for a new reality series called My Life Sucks."

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