Thursday, February 7, 2013

S4 of Community premieres, and DSC MINI 17: Annie's Boobs

"Did I miss it?"Asked Scrooge.
"Miss what?" Said the boy looking up from the street?
"Why the season premiere of Community!" Yelled Scrooge.

It was then the monkey that had been sitting on the boy's shoulder sprinted up the front of Scrooge's house and stood in front of him on his window ledge. The Monkey had a round red tag hanging from his collar, printed across it's front was the Monkey's name: Annie's Boobs.

It was then Ebenezer knew the true meaning of quality prime time programing.

So yes true believers, it is a new season.

But don't fret, I still have more Community themed DSC mini's on the way!

Pop! Pop!

Don't forget most of the stuff here is for sale, and I'm open for commissions. You can contact me at drawsumthincool@gmail.

See you soon!  

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