Friday, February 13, 2009


I just finished "SCUD: The whole Shebang! TPB." I fell i love with this book back when I was in comic school.

It broke my heart when Rob Schrab prematurely ended the series before it's climatic closing story arc had ended in Scud #20.

Rob went to work on other projects like the amazing Robot Bastard!, along with Heat Vision and Jack (that starred Owen Wilson and Jack Black), and writing and directing The Sarah Silverman Show.

But during the writers strike Rob had a bunch of time on his hands, so he decided to finish Scud...and it was wonderful!

But when I was reading it I came across a panel with Scud dressed like "The Tenth Doctor." It was to awesome to be true, but there it was. I knew this page would have to become my desktop image!

So here is how I did it.

Here I scanned in the art at 300 dpi.
scud_0 by you.

I adjusted the contrast, levels, and curves in Photoshop. I also rotated the image slightly so it doesn't look like look like he's going to fall off the page.
scud_stage_1 by you.

Next I added colour, and added colour to the pin stripes on the suit.
scud_stage_2 by you.

To make Scud really pop out I grayed out the background.
scud_stage_3 by you.

I added the logo and then Ta-Da! A finished desktop to be proud of!
scud_stage_4_fin by you.

Feel free to download this desktop for you own personal use! Here!
Scud of course is the propert of Rob Schrab. This artwork is only an homage to his awesomeness, so please don't sue me.

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