Sunday, February 1, 2009

Classic DrawsumthinCool: 004_Skomolii

Originally uploaded by doubledorkmeter
Skomolii is the brain child of Jeff Elden. A deadly vegetable grown by the evil Dr. Cheese. In most cases is an irresistible veggie adored by children. But unless you eat them every day you will die in a gruesome and bizarre manner.

But in some cases they like in the cinema classic "Gremlins 2". There are genetic varieties that would appear as soon as they have properly ripened.

In this case K10 came home from a hard day of work. She managed to beat Jeff home ad decided to relax and read her book for awhile and then to make dinner. She had just found a Skomolli lasagna recipe that she was dying to try out.

She heard a noise from the kitchen. She looked down at the floor and both cats where curled around her feet. She cautiously got to her feet and made her way o the kitchen doorway. She could see the block of knives of the counter and pulled the one that was closest to her.

Then she saw it.

Something moved on the counter. Was it a mouse? Or a Rat?

No. It was green. It was the Skomolii that she and Jeff had just picked up last night. It had budded small black eyes on stalks, crab like claws, and three segmented insect like legs.

"Well. It looks like dinner is going to be late." K10 whispered to herself.

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