Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ninja-bot FTW!

About a week or two ago I made a post on Facebook and Twitter, asking "Ninja vs. Robots, who would win?"

The overwhelming response was Ninja-Robot!

So I present a rough sketch of Ninja-Bot!

This Droid will be the main villian in this years Leong family comic cover!

In previous years we've had the Family Adventure cover...
family-photo by you.

and the Matt and Jack roaming the 7th Layer of Hell in "DriftWorld" (which some day may find it's way into an audiodrama.)

But this year I'm putting the family back into peril while we fight Ninja-Robots! So stay posted and you'll see roughs, pencils, inks, and full colour!

So stay tuned!


Scott said...

I feel no small sense of pride that I believe I was the one who first answered "Ninja-Robot". This is indeed something cool.

drawsumthincool said...

Well please check back as I get some actual sketches going.