Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DrawSumthinCool Specials: The Super Hughes!

So you ask what has Matt been working on while the blog has been sitting idle for so long?

Well sometimes people come to me for something a little more that I do in my normal DSC jobs.

This was a gig from a friend of mine I went to high school with back in the day.

She was looking for the one of a kind gift  for her Husband for Christmas. She contacted me after seeing a posting I had made on Facebook for the most recent family portrait. (Which will be a posting in the near future.)

She wanted the portrait to be the whole family as superheroes with their favorite hobbies and passions as their superpowers.

The image area (the size of the art not including borders) was 8x10. I penciled the art on bristol, inked it, and colored the image digitally in Photoshop, and added lettering and graphics in Illustrator.

She wrote up a lovely blog post about the whole process on her blog that you can find here: .Very cool blog post about me!.

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