Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Family Portrait

Since Jack has been born I've been trying to draw a family portait every year.

I've always been into the adventuring family unit, like Johnny Quest, the Fantastic Four, and Tom Strong. In this drawing I have Em piloting the ship with great skill and sense of direction. But of course like on all road trips you have engine trouble. So I get to draw myself as "ideal me" who knows how to reverse polarity and divert the emergency power to the forward shield so that we don't burn up on entry of the atmosphere on a alien planet with the help of my trusty sonic screwdriver. Then Jack being the precocious 3.5 year old he is, is incredibly proficient in getting into everything including the fiber optic data cables that link up the sensors to the navi-computer.

These things are always fun to draw, and maybe I'll get around to drawing something else soon (something with ancient relics and motorcycles.)

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