Saturday, June 6, 2009

Help me out on this wedding gift and vote for your favorite sketch!

Hey boy and girls!

I'm working on a special wedding gift for my Sister (in-law) Angie and her Fiancee' Austin.
I want to do a Movie Poster featuring the Bride and Groom,I sent them an e-mail last week detailing my intentions:

Dear Angie and Austin.
I've been wanting to do something special for the upcoming nuptials. I was wanting to do some kind of art to mark the moment, but I was killin myself for what would be right.
So an idea struck me...we'll put it up for a vote! I'll do four sketches and then we can have all our family and friends vote on it! I'll post the sketches on my blog and Facebook and then they can vote on it's very web 2.0. After the sketch is picked I'll update the drawing online (pencils, inks, colors) so everyone can see the progression of the drawing! So let me know what you think...If you're up for it, I'll do the sketches and put them up online. Early Congrats and we love you very much.

Matt, Em, and Jack.

Well give me a hand and vote for your favorite sketch, there will be a voting "thingee" on the side , vote for: A (Western),B (War Movie),C (Action), or D (Romantic Comedy).
Voting will end next Saturday, June the 13th at 11:59 pm.

After that check back to follow the progress of the art.
1.Sketch (Done)
6.End Product!

In the future I'll also be asking help for decisions to make on details of the design like the title of the movie and other details.

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