Monday, April 6, 2009

Life as a (h)Asian American: 04_05_09

I've decided to change up the name of this segment. Since this is window into life, I thought the title should reflect on more on me as a person than of just me being an artist.
(h)Asian is meant to be pronounced hay-shun, as in half-asian. It's strange and fantastic to be apart of two cultures. But also strange and weird to be looking into see that you are different.

Let me know your thoughts on the change.

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The Northern Bullet said...

This quandary has rattled around my brain for some time. When I used to work at the mall, Panda Express was staffed entirely by Mexicans, and the Cajun place was owned by an Asian guy. Weird.

Jeff said...

I thought the rule about Chinese food was to eat where the Chinese people eat. So I guess I'll stay away from P.F. Chang's.

Matt try the Asian district off Olive. Not far from your house. There's a great place the serves Dim Sum, Shaun knows the name. We should go sometime. Shark fin and Pork Buns are addictive.